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When you do not have time to know everything in endlessly changing world, all that remains to be done is art!
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Evgeniya Kobzeva

Evgenia Kobzeva (1996, Moscow) works with generative graphics and video art. Her work explores social and natural change. She manages to find non-obvious parallels between the flow of things and the world of ideas. She was among the participants of the grant “Russia - a Land of Opportunities” in 2022. She had exhibitions “Hybrid” at the NUST MISiS in Moscow (2021), “Excitement” at the FEFU Museum in Vladivostok (2022). She lives and works in Moscow.

Born in 1996 in Moscow. In 2021, she graduated from NUST MISIS with a degree in Materials Science and Materials Technology. Currently studying at the National University of Science and Technology MISiS with a degree in Technological Art. Lives and works in Moscow.

She works with: Science Art, Generative Graphics, Neural Network Art, Video Art, Design, Contemporary Art, Photogrammetry Art, Motion Art, Photography

Point of view
The cycle of life and confrontation between natural and anthropogenic landscapes
In the foggy haze of life
The fog looks at the city and the events taking place in it. He is able to feel people and nature, expressing his feelings with a colorful veil.
It is a tribute to the scientific experience of man, it is nostalgia for a bygone era, it is the sadness of the soul on the theme that in the modern world of digital text, bookshelves may become unnecessary.
Music video for the song Matrang "Circle"
From time immemorial, mankind has been asking questions of the universe, endowing phenomena and things with special meanings and complex cause-and-effect relationships. But it is impossible to understand and comprehend everything, therefore the whirlwinds of questions will always "fool" the head.
Video with cat
What is in a cat immagination/
I love art. I will be happy to demonstrate my projects at the exhibition or help you realize your creative ideas.

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